The Life of a Margarita

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2011 was a year of…

A recap of 2011 🙂

January– List of eligible applicants for UST’s med school was out and I didn’t get in. Cried my eyes out. Also, I wasn’t able to pass in my other choice of school. I only applied to 2 med schools, I didn’t get into both. So I planned on how I could get in. PLANS PLANS PLANS

February– Cried my heart out during Valentine’s Day, unexpectedly in front of my friends. First time they saw me like that. First time I showed my true feelings in public view. The way I cried during that day was the way I’ve been crying since 2003. Friends made me happy by going out with me after school. 🙂


March– Rushing our thesis. Rushing with my med school applications. Passed all my subjects. My university held its annual Baccalaureate Mass for us, which was awesome because we were their Quadricentennial graduates!

April– specifically, April 1-I graduated from university woohoo!!! A week later, I found out I was accepted in Med school! YEHEY TO BITS!!!

May- fixed my enrolment requirements, and afterwards, was finally enrolled in Med school, HURRAY!

June-  entered, Med school! First time to live in a dorm away from my family. New friends, old friends! First time I got a perfect score in an exam (Biochemistry). 🙂 I was so proud of myself.

July-October– Hell. haha :)From excellent scores to low scores I almost failed in almost all of my major subjects. 😦 And unfortunately, I did fail in one subject. Very first time I failed in my whole life. And I’m saying this now, that would also be the last time. I have now tasted failure and I didn’t like it.

November- Got depressed over the failure. New semester, new life but no…

December- New dorm again, this time it’s better. Still can’t get up from the downfall over my grades even though it’s a fresh start. Somehow, I can’t start over again… 😦


I’m thinking of not being too friendly anymore. Having no crush for the whole year (yes, let’s keep our fingers crossed). And just focus on my studies.

I’m planning on:

  • Swimming twice a day for two days a weeks.
  • Eating salads everyday
  • Eating all the time
  • Quitting on hoping for someone to come every fucking day of my life.
  • Getting sadder (in front of everyone’s eyes) keeping things to myself
  • Focusing on my studies and not on everyone else’s life
  • Focusing on myself



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