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Having a different goal

I am a medical student. I attended medical school because I was a biology graduate. I chose biology because I think it would be a good premed course. I chose premed because I wanted to be a doctor, 5 years ago.

5 years ago..

I am in medical school now. Sometimes loving it. But most of the times I ask myself what the hell am I doing here…

To keep me sane, whenever I walk along the hallways of my school, my vision focuses on someone at the end of the road. And now I realize, my vision at the end of the road should be me wearing a doctor’s coat with matching stethoscope. But no, at the end of the line it’s just someone whom I wish for.

So I thought, I really have a different goal. But to keep me from loosing it, I say, screw the “goal”, I just have to focus on my present.

I think I am attending medical school to let the years pass quickly so that I can finally reach my one true goal.



2 comments on “Having a different goal

  1. Hanna
    Wed February 15, 2012

    oooh….. Interesting…

  2. rishabhsingh
    Tue July 31, 2012

    You know you would be surprised but it’s the exactly what always goes in my mind too, with the difference of me being an Engineering student.

    Anyways Goodluck for your med studies cuz I have got a hunch that you will be needing it 🙂

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