The Life of a Margarita

Stories written by a girl named Margarita


About the Author

I am Margarita, 21 years old from the Philippines. I recently graduated from the Royal Pontifical and Catholic University of Santo Tomas (UST) with a degree on BS in Biology. I’m an incoming first year medical student at Far Eastern University-Dr. Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation (FEU-NRMF). So I won’t be posting an entry everyday. I think it’s understandable. 🙂 Here’s to living the dream!!! Of course, studying isn’t living the dream but, to my dream: HERE I COME!!!

I like writing, the environment, science, health, the human body, movies, books, novels.

About the Blog

All about me or whatever it is I discover online. Content found online can be inspirational, funny or entertaining. Or stuff I like/love.

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